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    What is the Small Grant System?


    The Small Grants System is an instrument at the disposal of diplomatic missions which, alone or in cooperation with local partners (NGOs, public institutions, local authorities, Catholic missions) implement development projects.
    The priority objective of the projects is to implement the Millennium Development Goals. The beneficiaries of the project include mainly representatives of disadvantaged groups, particularly women and children.


    Depending on the needs and characteristics of the region, beneficiaries are selected in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities, particularly with respect to the gender, religion or origin. Projects include both small investments in infrastructure (e.g. renovation of buildings, construction of wells, purchase of equipment) and various types of training for local communities.


    Despite relatively small budgets, these initiatives have a substantial impact on beneficiaries and are cost-effective. The aid reaches directly the most vulnerable groups. Projects are prepared and initiated at the local level and take into account the actual needs of those groups and the local socio-cultural reality. Project management does not generate additional costs as it is part of the diplomatic mission’s responsibilities. That is why the entire amount allocated to a particular project reaches directly its beneficiaries.


    Where are development projects conducted?


    Projects can be conducted in every developing country on the OECD DAC list of ODA recipients. Actions taken in the framework of the Small Grant System are addressed to beneficiaries from the Global South in regions in Latin America through Africa and the Middle East, to Asia and Oceania, yet the greatest number of projects financed with Poland’s development cooperation funds have been conducted in recent years in the Eastern Partnership countries and Sub-Saharan Africa.


    How to obtain further information?


    A detailed description of the Small Grant System is available on the website of the “Polish Aid” program at (,malych,grantow,1537.html). For more information on the possibility of project implementation in a given area, contact the territorially competent Polish mission or send an inquiry by email to