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  • We kindly inform that as of 16th of October 2017 we do not accept further payments in USD to the Bancaribe Curacao Bank account. For further details please contact us.



    Information for Polish citizens traveling to the countries of accreditation of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Caracas is available on the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the site "Polak za granicą”. In the same you can become acquainted, among others, if you need a visa, with which laws you must be careful, or what restrictions apply to drivers. "Polak za granicą" also includes a list of travel tips and warnings.

    Do you use a smartphone or tablet? Before traveling, download the free MSZ iPolak application and feel safer. IPolak is the source of the most essential information for every expedition abroad.






    Due to the political developments in Venezuela, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland recommends NOT to travel to Venezuela.

    In the whole country, especially in the capital city Caracas, may occur demonstrations and clashes with the police. This creates serious security and transportation difficulties, including access to airports and border crossings. There is permanent lack of medicine and food.

    In order to avoid a threat to personal safety, Polish citizens staying in the country should be particularly cautious, monitor the situation daily, avoid public gatherings, and comply with police orders. It is highly recommended to register at the travelling system Odyseusz and contact the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Caracas for further details.


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