• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • The fastest way to immerse yourself in contemporary Polish culture and have a crash course in its history is to head for one of the urban centres. But mind you, every city offers a different version. Poland was split between three empires throughout the nineteenth century and its borders shifted completely in 1945. Cities and regions developed as on quicksand, seeing entire ethnic and social groups come and go and absorbing various influences. Thus, each one displays a unique architectural and social landscape and has its own flavour of modern Poland .


    Poland was a late bloomer when it came to industrialisation or modern farming. What was considered a disadvantage for decades has turned out to be an asset. It means that there are parts of the country, especially in the northeast, where primeval forests and vast marshes never had to make way for agriculture and where lakes were never threatened with pollution. From the white, sandy Baltic beaches in the north to the mountains in the south, there is plenty to be discovered.  (from: 'About Polska')


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