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  • IMPORTANT: Please read carefully all the available information of this web page concerning the proceeding to wish to start. Incomplete files will not be accepted.



    For queries not requiring documents submission, please write to the Consul/consular assistant e-mail and refrain to send the same question during the following fourteen (14) days.


    Before applying for the Polish Passport, you might ensure that you have the national identity number PESEL

    (Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności). In order to obtain it, you will need:



    1.        a document attesting the Polish citizenship (Polish passport in force and/or Polish ID card in force and/or decision confirming Polish citizenship);

    2.        birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry in Poland (green paper) andmarriage certifícate (yellow paper) in the case of persons who changed their surname at marriage.


    The PESEL number is awarded by the Ministry of Interior of Poland in order to identify the holder through a people registry central system. After submitting the abovementioned documents in the Consular Section, the PESEL number will be issued in approximately two (2) weeks.



    Persons processing their Polish passport in the Consular Section of this Embassy will be exempted of the payment for the PESEL number request. Persons who plan processing their passport in other consulates should address directly to the consulate of their residence in order to ask for the PESEL number.



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